Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Non importo dove lei va, li lei e. No Matter Where you go... there you are.

Like my Dickie Bird always said, no matter where you go, there you are. Well to a certain degree he was right, but this has been a fabulous experience and I am very sorry that it drawing to a close. Yesterday was 3 year anniversary of my wife's passing and it was just a little bit easier than I imagined.. I think being here may have been just what I needed.

I have been staying at this house for the past few months, my friends Sam and Audra have owned it for nearly ten years. They offered to let Joanne and I use it on many occasions but unfortunately we never got around to taking them up on it before she passed. They decided to sell recently and called me to let me know that I had one last chance to use it and I decide YES.. great choice... Its located in a small town of about 10,000 named Roselle not far from Grossetto in Tuscany. I have been spending my time mingling with the locals, I have made some good friends here. My Italian has become very good for an American or so my new friends tell me.

Its only about 15K to the Sea and prox 60K to Rome and I have had Sam and Audra's car so I have been all over the place, even made a trip to Sicily last week with some of my new friends.
Going to try and put some posts together when I get back....
I think I have some good adventures to share.. including a few dates with one of the locals, Rosanna Dicenso.... I taught her some English and she improved my Italian, lots of fun... she happened to be a widow so we had that in common, she is only 40 years old, which is a little young for me, but hey whats a boy to do.

was telling Smarty pants about getting my backpack boosted outside a small trattoria... really blows.. I ran inside for like 30 seconds to tell the waiter something and came back to an empty table.. the big problem was it had my camera in it.. I posted a sign offering a reward for the memory card but to date no luck... should have been saving pics to my computer but never got around to I wish it would have been stolen on the first day here instead of with a week left to go in the trip... .. oh well live and learn.. . I have some photos on my phone but not that many and they are kind of fuzzy see above.. but hey my own damn fault...


Charmaine said...

No you are NOT 10th in line. Jeez.

Yes that was ESD. He appeared on my doorstep literally on his knees the day after I had my heart ripped out. So I worked out with him. Listened to a little flattery and then kicked him out. I cannot stand him.I didn't say so cuz the man who ripped my heart out reads my blog. Yea, um I'm 12.

The Argentinian got back with his girlfriend so there is literally NO one.

sobbing into wine glass


SSP said...

oh NO, i completely missed that in Italian Jim!! I am SO sorry about your camera and I can totally relate! PLEASE take the $250 camera and leave the $50 memory card where i can find it....god what a horrible thing!! Thank you for all the KONA tips. I will print them out and add them to my list....I have three weeks, and I plan to stay OFF the computer while it is day light and SLEEP when the stars are out!!! benvenutto a sua casa!!

Michelle said...

Hey there MR JIM!!

I am soooo happy you had an awesome time. You deserve it bro!! You need to write about the FOOD!! I am all about good italian food!!

WELCOME HOME!! Hope your time now is positive and special!!!

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Charmaine said...

Okay...I took your comment to heart. I think the old Charmaine is making a come-back. Re-read my blog.

But seriously, I can be vulnerable from time to time. That's the hidden truth that resides beneath false bravado anyway. Doesn't everyone know that?

You're just not used to people admitting it. You've probably never met such an honest and brave woman in your life.

That makes me a poorly "socialized" woman.

Anonymous said...

Man, you're lucky..even with the're still a lucky guy to be there staying in that

Simplicity said...

I read this post already and was sure I commented on it, but...well...obviously not!

Sorry to hear about the loss of your camera. At you have the memories! And this trip must be FILLED with incredible memories. Someday I will hide away from the world at a place like that. I just know it!

What's been happening otherwise??

Briana said...

I would DIE if my camera (and pictures) were stolen! I only take a picture when I want the second to last - even though I know it won't. But the picture stops it for me. Memories are one thing - but a picture is worth a thousand words!

Charmaine said...

What ever happened to you old man? I'm slumming in the blog world...