Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The list of woman I went on dates with between Nancy's.  I added the number of dates and the ages of the women so you can decide easier or see If I have a pattern going.  I am certain the Peterson sisters will find this information useful in their continued analysis of Pool Boy.

The Coaches Ex (3 dates) 50years old
Fuck Yeah Girl (4 dates) 43years old
There REALLY is something about Mary (2 dates) 51years old

The list of woman after the second Nancy. I am trying to write about the second Nancy but will have to get back to you on is still surprisingly difficult not to jump from the first word right to the relationship end.  

Third Person Teacher (2 dates) 52years old
The Ojai Artist (1 date) 44years old
Charming (1 date) 21years old _wink
Sawdust Girl (1 date) 40years old.   

BREAK TIME....NO DATES ON THE HORIZON.....I figure since I really should only have only gone on one date with Third Person Teacher too that I for whatever reason can't make it passed the first date right now.  I have either become insufferable or entirely to picky, either way its seem a sign to take a break.

None of the above date stories are completed, I have put together outlines for most of them so this is all request day at Never Mind the Bullocks....or we can scrap the whole dating thing and write about my stupid fears and insecurities some more, LOL....

I am spending the better part of my days (I semi-retired recently by the way) writing in earnest, I am enjoying it tremendously, feeling on fire in fact, but still feel the need to keep up the blog thing, hmmm...go figure.


SSP said...

and I thought I was the only one who nick named my dates and lovers...I think it is hilarious that Charmaine and you do it too! And I look forward to the further adventures of Pool Boy :-) One day, I may share the sordid tale of Drop Dead Fred, but since I think he reads my blog, I will really have to change some details!!

Of course, fears and insecurities are always interesting to read about - no wonder there are so many blogs - I think we all like to read about OTHER's woes - not sure it makes us feel better about our own, but it reminds us we are not alone in our suffering....whatever you write, I will read with relish (or try eye is still not working real well!)

Charmaine said...

Hmm. Interesting post. Have I created a monster?

I hope so.

Briana said...

It's a family curse, probably based on the fact that we can't remember anyone's name. There was a time when we knew 3 guys named Randy. Very quickly, they became "Black Randy," "Jewish Randy," and "White Randy." (We weren't very creative)! I, personally, will never forget Lawnmower Jim. He was a babe! I gotta say, it's pretty funny to see how uncomfortable white people get when I refer to Black Randy :)

Briana said...

About the Peterson sisters analyzing you, you have to keep in mind that we are both frustrated psychologists. We have become experts by necessity given the sheer number of abnormalities that we encounter on a daily basis just within our family. It's become kind of a game now:) all the more challenging since I have never met you. So, humor me!