Monday, November 10, 2008


Just had to share this crazy kid, TARA LYN.  Oh to be Nineteen...

College sophomore, Biology Major, she plays piano, guitar and flute, she knits, she will be transferring to either Berkley or Davis next fall.  Someday she will learn how to make her bed or change a toilet paper roll but I am not holding my breath.

She went with me and voted for President for the first time this year, it was such an uplifting experience.  She was active and did phone banks for Prop's 2 and 8.  I won't talk politics for her but from the description of her above and below you can probably formulate a guess on which side of the votes she was on.

At the tender age of 11 she decided she that she was a vegetarian and has not changed her position since, very stubborn young lady, not sure where that comes from.  

You would love her room, it is decorated with my album covers from the late 60s and early 70s. Her ring tone is Hendrix but you are more likely to hear Joni Mitchell blasting from her room. 

I am a very lucky her tons...just had to share this pic, her sense of fun makes me smile and every once in a while she lets me think if just for a moment that I am still her hero.


Michelle J said...

Dude you are so her hero!!!

What a nice post! Your daughter is a beautiful smart young woman and guess what?? You have tons to do with that!!!

Thanks for sharing Jim!!!

SSP said...

i agree with michelle - we all love our daddies and they are so important to us, but for you and Tara to have such a good relationship speaks volumes :-)

regarding the blog thing, I am not sure...I think in your set up, you can "add" them. I can't look at it while I am making a me (say_rah at yahoo dot com) and I will see what I can find out. I have listed OTHER people's blogs and it allows me to change the order, but i think it is set to alphabetically right now.

SSP said...

once again not quick enough...i was gonna comment on the list :-) oh well.

Charmaine said...

I am so so SO happy that you voted together. She will remember that.

I voted with my father the day I voted for the first time. I went to cancell out his Republican vote.

It was so fun. We laughed as we drove, all he way home.

Charmaine said...

And...your daughter is a beauty.

JIMSIGHT said...

Thanks for the kind words, I shared them with Tara and she blushed, trust me that is rare.

Briana said...

My dad died before I could vote so I was never able to cancel out his Republican vote. Until my kids were in school, I always took them with me to vote. It's never too early to learn about one's civic duty. And Charmaine has had to listen to be rant about the stupid young people in Dan's family who could have voted for the first time, but didn't. This election will have more impact on their lives than the rest of us, and they don't know or care. I hate that!