Friday, December 5, 2008


Okay so this is the gal that used to work for me, Hanna...She finally moved out of her parents house at the tender age of 26.  She bought a small condo over on the border of Tustin and Irvine so I went over and took her a boat load of matching appliances, you know food processor, cappuccino machine, mixer...that stuff is really cheap at Target...who knew.

She was really, really nice to me when Joanne died and was directly responsible for dragging my ass out of the house for the first time 6mos afterwards.l  It was her birthday/Halloween party at her parents house.

I went as the Croc Hunter dude, it was the day after he died and my costume included the stinger in the chest with a trail of blood.  Surprisingly to me it was not all that well received by some of the folks, who doesn't get the whole Halloween is supposed to be like that thing?  

Hanna was also the one responsible for me getting back out and dating again.  She is the one that set me up with Fancy Nancy and also Crazy Mare (aka "Fuck Yeah Girl")  She started calling herself my pimp after the second setup.  Then she set me up with "00Nancy" but since that ended with the whole Jim gets what is left of his heart broken into tinier pieces she got out of the pimp business.

Anywho she just sent me this picture from the night I took her housewarming gifts over so I had to share it....maybe I should spin up a Crazy Mare episode for you....oh yeah that is my mission for my next post.  Actually ended up being friends with her and we have dinner once in a while, but whoohoo get some vino into her and look out.

Not sure what it is but since Joanne passed I have way more female friends than male??? I guess it has something to do with the fact that at least half of them listen to what I am saying...LOL...


SSP said...

your pimp - that is funny!! I would have laughed at the stinger...but then I was a pregnant Brownie for Halloween last year.

I dunno, though - she is the one the brought you to Fancy nancy? I am wondering about her youthful level of standards...or did she just not know FN?? I guess you do have to get back on the horse some day.....I keep saying that, to no avail.

I will say, you are a lot more open and revealing of your heart and your soft nougat-y center than most men, and us chicks eat that up (hope no one eats it up, chews it and then spits it back out)

Diane said...

Hey... I think I need a pimp.

Wait a minute... that totally didn't sound right.

Let's amend, shall we?

I totally need a matchmaker friend. Yeah, that sounds a lot better than 'pimp'.

Strangely, I have more male friends than female now... life is weird, eh?

JIMSIGHT said...

SSP-reread, the nougat thing happened once already, but thanks as always that heart of gold shines through.

D- no didn't sound quite right did it? It only works if the matchmaker isn't real friends (or thinks they are) on both sides.

SSP said...

yah sorry - i have read everything you've posted....just haven't committed it all to memory yet ;-)

In my real job, I have been calling myself a Yenta (sp) for years - you know, the match maker from Fiddler on the Roof? I hook people up with grad school. It is funny 'cuz now the schools are describing their relationships to the prospective students as "three year marriages." Guess we all want a little help....

JIMSIGHT said...

Well, somebody has to arrange the matches,
Young people can't decide these things themselves.

So where does that leave us middle aged folks...LOL

SSP said...

well there IS plenty of fish.....but most of the tucson fish have that religious thing going on, that i just do NOT get.

JIMSIGHT said...

I was just informed by Hanna that it should be Pimpess, whoops...oh well.

I dropped out of the POF thing. No more online dating for Jim. I just want to write my book, enjoy my kid and do some traveling. If the dating thing happens it happens, if not I am getting more comfortable with that idea too.