Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok so Michelle in NYC told me she wanted to see this hat, and she wanted to see it now.  Since I am not opposed in the least to making an ass out of my self on occasion here it is.  Now I can go back to writing a post...LOL..

The hat is from Peru, a friend of mine's wife is from Peru and brought it back as a gift for me...they have some name but I don't remember what it is.  It is soooooooo freaking soft its unbelievable.


Michelle J said...

Oh my god dude, i love it!!!

You look really good, except your not smiling and i know you have a nice smile!!!

Thanks!! I love that you did what i asked!! Thats what men are supposed to do, you know????

JIMSIGHT said...

You didn't say to smile. I am very good at doing what I am asked to do, years and years of training.

Michelle J said...

Ok then, this is a do over!

1) Put hat on
2) Smile
3) Take photo
4) Post here

Thanks man!

Michelle J said...


So much better when a man smiles on command!!!

You are being very cooperative JIM!!!

It's quite endearing. You obeyed me. This is a big thing. This is what men all over the country should do. This is just the beginning.

One day a smile wearing a hat!!! The next you will come when i need my cable TV fixed!!!! :O)

JIMSIGHT said...

I am cooperative, that is my nature.

I am a well educated guilt filled, Irish Catholic, we love our grandmothers, mothers and wives, and since mine are all dead I have no one to take direction from but my daughter, we don't listen to our sisters ever, it just wouldn't be right. Oh yeah, I have a bit of the criminal element in me and god help us all if I don't find someone to tell me what to do soon. hahahahahaahahah

SSP said...

heh heh...I am not sure if it is the good irish catholic lad in you or something else entirely unrelated. You do seem acquiescent, but through some of your writing, it speaks of a much darker, stronger strength or power. Scary... a man with Layers! who knew?

Charmaine said...

Many people cannot "pull off" an ear flap beanie. I think you just did.

JIMSIGHT said...

Thank you Charming, I will take your word for it (wink)