Sunday, September 14, 2008

230 OR BUST?

How I Met My Blogger

In all fairness I do have to write something about this, yes? 

I had some apprehensions when I first made the reservation at 230, you see my first date with the only woman I developed any real feelings for since my wife passed was also at 230 and I wasn't 100% sure if it would be creepy or not. IT WAS.

I know better than to think I would fall into a good parking spot, Laguna Beach 7ish...Forest Drive just not going to happen, but I am stubborn and so I circled the block twice before surrendering and cruising a couple streets over to find a spot, I parked got out and started walking over.  Just then zoom zoom, my date pulled up...we spotted each other at the same time.  She stopped and I showed her there was a spot right in front of me.

Charmaine has tried to tell me on a couple of occasions that she has aged 100 years since the photo that I have seen was taken,  she lied.  She popped out of her car and wow, she is a really gorgeous woman.  We started walking to the restaurant together and all of the sudden whoops her top came open.  I made a comment about wardrobe malfunction and she seemed to be oblivious to what I had said, I think she was busy trying to rescue her Bust from running free in Laguna Beach.  

We had arrived about 10 minutes early and the place was packed, I figured we would be standing on the street having a drink and get to talk for a moment, nope they seated us immediately. And  of course they seated us at the exact same table as my last date there, with Charmaine in the same chair that 00nancy had occupied in March, despite my best efforts I kept having thoughts about oonancy thru the whole night, thanks God you are a really funny dude sometimes.  (for the record 00nancy is not the same as Fancy Nancy) 

I am not sure but I think the manager started asking us how everything was before my ass hit the chair. It was so noisy I couldn't hear myself think.  My date was ever so busy arranging herself over and over (poor thing I felt bad for her), I am a gentleman and did not say a word about it. Do you have any idea how distracting having a beautiful woman arranging and rearranging her breasts in front of you all night while you try and have a conversation is? At the same time it was amusing to say the least, the other men in the place were enjoying it and that was for sure. 

We had dirty martini's and our meal was on the table before 7:30, seriously I felt like an old record being played on the wrong speed. I think the manager asked how everything was for the second time right as I was getting ready to take my first bite. I had to tell him to knock it off and slow down a little. 

Despite it all we forged on and finished our meals took a short but somewhat uncomfortable walk up and down Forest then straight to the cars, then a little hug and off she went.  I am a fairly attractive and confident guy, I gotta say I felt a bit intimidated and I am still not sure why.  Oh well Ces't le Vie.  

Certainly don't see romance on the horizon, just one of those not so much on the chemistry things.  In guy talk, that means she didn't seem interested in me at all, not in any way shape or form.

Hopefully I will still get to run some stairs or have an occasional meal with her she is a great gal..  Regarding my first opinion of her, the one where I said she was CHARMING, WITTY AND CUTE well they have changed a little, she is CHARMING WITTY AND BEAUTIFUL. 


Charmaine said...

Dear God.

I read it as you being the one not interested. It's okay. Our chemistry was off, no doubt. I am heartened to hear that it was all your fault. ha. But I know you, you are trying being kind.

Thank you for acknowleging the wardrobe malfunction.

Another Nancy?

You're just afraid of losing bloggers if you're not nice to me. You can't lose them. I took care of it.

JIMSIGHT said...

Not the case at all, not sure how anyone could not be interested in you(honestly). Sometimes circumstances dictate the outcome more than the participants.

Yes, another Nancy. It ended abruptly in early July, and not of my doing.

So not afraid of losing bloggers.

P.O.M. said...

Pool Boy - I wish that Char would read your post again, as she does not see herself as the beautiful woman that she is! Thanks for reminding her. I hope she noticed.

I'm bummed there was no chemistry. If I can be a little psycho-analytical for a moment, I wonder if she was awkward on purpose as she is afraid to fall for someone new. She can make chemistry happen with these cheesy douche bags because she is not afraid of them. Perhaps you were intimidating to her, too.

Charmaine said...

You're a good egg, Pool Boy.

On the heels of a little heartbreak AND I was sitting in "her" chair, plus a date being played in fast forward, throw in my obsession with my bust and...


ha ha. Have to admit, it's kinda funny. Even funnier, guess who is standing on my porch (trasportation portal) right now? Yes he is. I just yelled "go away" he replied, "can I use your bathroom". God help me.

Charmaine said...

230 or bust.

I just got that. ha ha ha

JIMSIGHT said...

I would take a do-over in a heart beat. Doubt that she would.

Yeah I am not sure how she could have missed that on the first gorgeous and two beautifuls and she glossed right over them.

I guess I should take it as a compliment that I am not cheesy enough for her.

JIMSIGHT said...

I am telling you you need a moat or a trap door or something..

You just got the 230 or Bust? I was wondering why you never commented but hey you seemed to only be picking out anything that sounded remotely negative.

You are beautiful Charmaine...and I loved your hair color, so there. It was just a weird night, they happen.

Charmaine said...

Ha ha. Okay okay. What I meant when I said "I read it" as you not being interested I meant I read the "date night experience" as such.

We both had the same experience, just attributed the cause, incorrectly. I would consider a "re-match" of course.
If you give me a week to train, I will kick YOUR butt on the stairs.

JIMSIGHT said...

Good, Rematch/do-over/mulligan it is, very happy to hear it, I would call you but think you have had enough adoration for one day. I read about the trasporter already.

We are on for the stairs Sista, bring it. We will have to set a date and some really silly wager, yes?

Briana said...

Meeting Charmaine is ALWAYS creepy, no matter what the significance of the restaurant :)!