Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DATE 3: The Concert and OH those Lesbians

I am going to pick her up at her house this time, that makes it a real date for sure, very excited but still wondering why I can't remember what this lady looks like, very strange indeed.

Deliberated whether or not to pack a picnic for a few days, it is after all at the Hollywood Bowl but decided on a restaurant near her house, mainly for convenience (my own) and the fact that during our brunch date she seemed to be quite the finicky diner.

Stopped and picked up some flowers (never show up empty handed). No not roses, never roses the first time, or the second for that matter. A nice summery bouquet, filled with color, I have an excellent florist by the way should you be in need. I arrived in front of her house early, what a shocker that damn "aunt jim" thing. So I sat and waited until I could ring her bell precisely at 5:00.

I have to say I was once again surprised how nice she looked, when you can't remember I guess it's always a surprise. She was very appreciative of the flowers and gave me a little peck on the cheek, I figured that she would plop them in a vase and we would be off..WRONG...she proceeded to prune and arrange and rearrange and prune, after 10 minutes or so I wanted to scream "knock it off already" but I stood silent and eventually she was satisfied with her efforts and we were off.

I picked a little place only a few minutes away from her house called "The Wild Artichoke", I highly recommend it if you are ever stuck in Yorba Linda. She had never been there which seemed peculiar, its not like they have and array of fine dining in Yorba Linda.

Dinner was filled with lively conversation about her week, I didn't mention that she doesn't work did I? She is on disability for some sort of wrist thing (she was a bit evasive). She was/is a paralegal. Anyway I heard all about her hair and nail appointments, endless stories about shopping and lunches with her girl friends. I finally interrupted her with a "so are you familiar with Diana Krall?"

Off we went, I got an amazingly good parking spot at the Bowl. I always do, shhhh it's a secret but if you are willing to pay a little you can park at the VFW right next to the entrance. No waiting in or out. SWEET.

It was a perfectly gorgeous night, we leisurely strolled to our box. "Wow I never sat this close here before", oh good I like when people show appreciation and excitement. The Philharmonic was just walking out, I love the shows that are on the regular Bowl schedule because I love the orchestra....sue me.

A few minutes in, our box mates arrived. (If you are not familiar with the bowl, if you only get two box seats you share a small box with strangers, also the chairs are quite uncomfortable unless you rent a pad. I brought pads with me, cause I am a planner.) Well our seats were the back pair in the box so there was shuffling and moving to allow our box mates ample room to plop down in there uncomfy overpriced beach chairs.

At first I thought, they don't look like they would hang out together, one was petite and attractive, had a cute little sun dress on, the other had jeans and a chain wallet and her hair was cropped and oh dear lord, yes they do hang togther...ahahahahahahaha...I chuckled at how ridiculous my mind is sometimes. I have no problem with Lesbians, Gay Men, People of Color, anyone really, well maybe stinky bikers, well stinky anybody really. It just struck me funny as to what my first thought had been.

Well the "Fancy" one leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Oh my god, they are lesbians aren't they" as if we were sitting with Alkida or worse yet Democrats...things started to get interesting when the for lack of a better word "Butchy" one started catching a bit of a wine buzz. She started doing that really cool whistle, the one where you put your thumb and index finger in the corners of your mouth and its so loud it seems as if it could shatter glass, yeah that one...damn I wish i could do that. Well everytime she did it the cute one would lightly slap her on the knee or shoulder and tell her to stop and then "Butchy" would grab her and kiss her and tell her no. Causing the "Fancy" one to lean over and make a comment in my ear like for example "That is just sick", I wasn't quite sure if she was talking about the drunkenness the whistling or the Lesbian kissing and I wasn't going to either agree or ask her, I was finding the whole thing WAY to ENTERTAINING. I wish it had been going on while the Orchestra had played because I certain that it would have seemed like a scene from Fantasia, the three ladies and the man in the box dance...always the same..."Butchy" "Lipstick" "Fancy" "Butchy" "Lipstick" "Fancy" ALLEGRO please ladies, ALLEGRO...

Diana Krall was amazing, she has such a distinctive voice and can really turn the standards if you know what I mean. Knows how to tinkle those keys too...did you know she is married to Elvis Costello? I did, "Fancy" didn't but I bet you would have guessed that.

Concert was overall a rousing success with "Fancy" as well (with the exception of those Lesbians). Later she told me how open minded she is, that it was the behaviour that bothered her but me thinks not. "She doth protest to loudly"

They were working on the 5 on the way home so we got to spend an extra hour chatting about the concert and her kids, my kid, starting to actually get under the surface level a little. Well a lot if you count the Lesbian thing.

She invited me in for coffee, her house was immaculate. I kept looking for something dirty, anything dusty, even the water in the dogs bowl (shitsu of course) was clean...hmmmm.

Went to give her a hug goodnight after she walked me to the door and she planted one smack on the mouth. Oh so that's what that feels like, I kissed her back gently, she kissed me again. This is kind of nice, like riding a bike thank god. One more little peck and a thank you I had a great time and out the door I went.

WHOOHOOO....YOU DID IT JIM was the first thought I had when I closed the car door. I have no idea why I thought that, or what it was I thought I DID, but that was my thought.

What's next the Beach/Ti Amo/The Theatre well all that and more very soon....


Charmaine said...

I confess, you are remarkable at this.

So far, "Fancy" sounds nice, in a Stepford Wives sort of way. Why do I sense danger ahead?

Because nice, beautiful, appreciative girls who keep impeccable homes...are evil. Something sinister is brewing. Let me guess. She has OCD?

If her wrists are capable of scouring the kitchen counters,using a knife and fork, is she really, "disabled"? Okay, my last guess, is she a lesbian? Or worse, a Democrat?

JIMSIGHT said...

Thank you that means a lot. You may have created a monster, I still like yours better.

So fare she is/was very nice, but read on my dear Chamaine the fun has just begun.

OMG...wait till you hear about the wrists the stepford wife thing and the .....

Spicy Latina said...

Ha ha, I love this. MORE, MORE about Fancy! The lesbian stuff was great too!

JIMSIGHT said...

Spicy, you get the entire dish, we are no were near finished with "Fancy" yet...the best is yet to come.