Tuesday, September 9, 2008

COME ON-A MY HOUSE, the Two Date Collage

Just so we are on the same page, all of this took place in 2007. We are trying to get current as fast as possible.

Come on-a My House" is a song by Rosemary Clooney from her album Come On-A My House, released on June 6, 1951. The song was written by Ross Bagdasarian and William Saroyan in summer of 1939 but did not become a hit until it's release by Clooney. It was probably Saroyan's only effort at popular songwriting, and it was one of Bagdasarian's few well-known works that was not connected to his most famous creation, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

A Day at the Beach (Fancy comes to Jim's House)

So "Fancy" came to my house and we cruised down to the sand. Just a few comments.

a. She refused to ride bikes "It's to far"( huh it's like two miles)
b. Her bathing suit was some type of animal print (just why, that's all?)
c. "Don't splash you will get may hair wet" (and?)
d. During lunch at Avila's El Ranchito "This salsa is hot" (you didn't just say that)

Dinner at "Fancy Nancy" House( a midweek extravaganza)

I drive over straight from my office, its only 10 minutes away. How convenient.

a. I stop and pick up Cold Stone Ice Cream for desert. (never show up empty handed.)
b. She has a pitcher of Cosmo's waiting (did i turn gay and no one told me)
c. I end up grilling the steaks (probably a good thing, more shall be revealed)
d. We discuss the TV shows she watches during dinner (I barely watch tv so this is actually somewhat interesting to me)

I have to say something RIGHT here RIGHT now, "Fancy" was telling me about a show where they build people houses, well the family that had the house built for them that week were infected with HIV, a couple had full blown AIDS...the whole family for gods sake, how unbelieveably sad is that. I believe she said there were 9 people in the family. I was in a state of horror....when with a completly straight face she said and I quote..."they were so lucky, you should have seen how nice the house" "I wish someone would build me a house like that" NOW why I didn't get up and walk out the door right then I do not know, in retrospect I am sooooo embarrassed that I didn't.

We had our ice cream, played a little kissy face and I went home...this time I was questioning my myself, but I was still feeling a little machismo all at the same time...a bit confusing to say the least, but as noted, I have not dated in a long long time....

Next Date Ti Amo and Laguna Beach Playhouse...Menopause the Musical...nice...


Charmaine said...

"Menopause"....the MUSICAL? I can't wait.

The most notable red flag I can decipher is the decision to wear an animal print bathing suit in the year 2007. Was it zebra or leopard?

I think my 72 year old mother has an article of clothing that vaguely resembles a llama. hmmm

JIMSIGHT said...

It is a real musical, I am not kidding...

I believe it was a Liger print but not sure, would need to rent Napoleon Dynamite one more time to be sure.

Do you like my new Beautiful Minds selections.

P.O.M. said...

This stresses me out. Dating sucks and it seems to never get better.