Monday, September 8, 2008

"FANCY NANCY" or Jim's first dates in Forever

They are called SET UP's for a reason.

I had not been on a date in a blue moon, eon, coons age...and or any other number of allegorical terms realting to the measure of time. The reason being is explained somewhere in the world, and of that I am sure, this however is neither the time nor the place.

Date One: Group situation, meeting and greeting.

Took off work early, showered up, shaved twice (a bizzare habit I picked up when thinking romance was in the air, certainly not needed in this case but I am a boy), changed a couple of times, inspected my car, my shoes and of course my hair.

HB Pier or bust, the meeting/date was set for Chimayo (used to be below Dukes at the HB pier). I of course was early, "Aunt Jim" as some of my friends refer to me, is always early...waited around for a while. The gal that "ARRANGED" the date finally showed up with her friend so we ordered a cocktail. Shortly afterwards the lady soon to be known as "FANCY NANCY" made her entrance.

Low and behold she was better looking than the picture I had seen. The conversation while a tad canned was nice. We learned a lttle about each other for a while and then the kids left (my friend that did the setup was 25, she used to work for me) and we were on our own.

I asked her if she would like to go for a stroll, she agreed faster than my minature dachshund does, we headed down mainstreet...While crossing I took her hand, it actually felt nice and she did not object..I had not held hands in a long time. This human contact thing is kind of nice, hmmm. As we talked without the music and chatter of the Bar I detected a touch of a Brooklyn accent. I ignored it, no sense spoiling the evening over something so contrite.

We strolled around downtown HB, I bought her a piece of chocolate at Rocky Mountain and we had coffee at Starbucks. We walked back and the valet got our respective cars...I asked her for her phone number and bingo, SUCCESS. I was king of the hill, top of the heap, A number one.....LAUGHED to myself the whole drive home.

Date Two: Jazz it up

While discussing music on date one "Fancy Nancy" told me she like listening to The Wave...I do like Jazz myself not neccesarily the watered down version that the wave plays to many of but hey...I am nothing if not a good sport.

I made reservations for the Wave Sunday Brunch at Spaghetinni and picked up the phone...jesus do I really have to call her? How does this work? Oh dear, I am clueless wait...remember what Dickie Bird told you...(my grandfather preferred to be called Dickie Bird) , always call when you say you will, never show up early without calling, never show up late. never show up empty handed, open doors, pull out chairs, either offer an arm or hold her hand when crossing the street or going up or down stairs...god I feel like crying I miss that man sooooooo much. I suddenly felt like hey I can do this....revitalized by my visit from the grave I was now consumed with the spirit of the little street car that could. It was a very comforting feeling.

She was very jazzed, so to speak to get the call and the date for Sunday was on.

She lived in Yorba Linda and it was the first real date so we agreed to meet at the restaurant. We arrived almost simotaneously, she looked better than the first time, I think she did...funny thing though in between dates unless I looked at her picture I couldn't remember what she looked I have a great memory..I mean really great memory so this was odd. Won't bore you with all the details, the burnch is actually very good and the music was nice, they have a great house band so you don't have to listen to what the DJ is spinning on the WAVE...( i hear that bad commercial everytime i say that ...94.7 the WAVE.) We stayed for quite a while moving into the Bar after we ate, we went out on the patio when the band was done and then a drive down to Seal Beach in my convertable, I had my other car for the first date so she was impressed, gotta show off right......More walking hand holding, this time cookie eating and espresso...we were escalating the relationship......oh I forgot to mention that I had taken the liberty of puchasing a couple nice tickets at the Hollywood Bowl for Diana Krall...just in case things went well...(planning is one of my talents). When we got back to the cars I pulled the tickets out and asked her if she would like to go with me...and she made this yelping noise..was that a Brooklyn thing agian cause this could be the start of the end...not that I am picky or anything.

Don't believe I mentioned that even in my hay day, I was never much of a serial dater...always prefered to concentrat on one woman at a time and really see if anything developed or if I could get something to was always a very thin line in that respect when I was younger, we boys lie to ourselves sometimes no matter what our intentions that kinda of makes it like the truth right? We just honestly don't know what we are doing sometimes..Guilty with an explanation so to speak...

Will wrap it up for now....should be able to get thru this in a couple three more posts...just wanted to set the starts to get interesting fast and the unveiling of "Fancy Nancy" is yet to come...

Date 3: The Concert and oh those Lesbians..


Charmaine said...

Ahhhh. I can't believe it. You're first real post is a cliffhanger. It's too cruel.

Dickie Bird: What a man, hands down my kind of man. Hell, I miss him and I didn't even know him.

Hi Dickie Bird, if you're up in there in heaven (and I know you are) look up my father. The two of you will get along famously. Oh and...if the two of you are not doing anything next Saturday night, grab some popcorn, find a hole in the clouds and look down at Laguna Beach.

JIMSIGHT said...

Talked to Dickie Bird last night before I put my head on the pillow. I think he is in for the Saturday night festivities.

Charmaine said...

Oh dear, talk about performance anxiety....